Random Thoughts

Judged !!

We are what we are.. every human being is different.. we grow up in different environment, our life differs, our tastes, our thoughts are different.. everybody have their own strengths and weaknesses…but why do people judge ??  are we the one that people think as ??  We do float in a state of dubiousness  about our self when we get judged but is it necessary for us to accept it and live in the dark by loosing confidence in self?? lets say for a moment we may get carried away by their words but one should know that it’s not the reality.. we should be confident about our strengths and prove it at some point of the time as that’s the only best answer you can give. At Some point of time I get judged for no reasons, I feel like my whole life got crippled by some one’s harsh, unknown thoughts. There has been several times where I have broken down into tears but the very next moment i remember ‘ hello!! it’s my life; why should you be worried of’ ‘I know what i am’ and then get back to my life. you do find such idiocracy .. I think people need to grow up!!