Office wear- street style

 I love street styles and the fashion has no boundaries.. which I love most about it. Its all about for simple yet elegant office going look. Being summer in India , nothing much comfy than cotton dresses, shirts, tops or kurtas that are breezy yet chick.  This is how I teamed up my look 1.… Continue reading Office wear- street style

Random Thoughts

Go hand in hand 

Pain and tears -relationship that never ends! Yes I feel them I rather live with them..... To break apart this , need happiness and love that is inseperable.. 

Random Thoughts


She !!  a beautiful creation of the almighty.. a Pure soul.. a flower that blooms forever.. her heart made of gold , her warmth felt across, her presence bringing happiness, her smile taking away all the sorrows...Wish I could keep her with me forever !!!!!!!!!

Random Thoughts

Judged !!

We are what we are.. every human being is different.. we grow up in different environment, our life differs, our tastes, our thoughts are different.. everybody have their own strengths and weaknesses...but why do people judge ??  are we the one that people think as ??  We do float in a state of dubiousness  about our… Continue reading Judged !!

Random Thoughts

Daily Prompt: Treasure

via Daily Prompt: Treasur Moments we spend, moments we love,moments we cheer,moments so dear..passed through the time!! Live them up whenever ur heart says.. as they are cherished..Treasure it for it is precious,beautiful.. for it won't occur again, for it to be within u forever...